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What every dancer should know about flexibility training...

Just as we need to go to dance class regularly to progress, we also need instruction and time devoted to improving flexibility to keep moving forward.  You can try to learn all the dance moves under the sun, but until you have gained flexibility you will not be able to perform the movements with the full range of motion or do it with proper alignment.

Me working with Mira (Ballet Dancer, CA)

The more you dance the stronger you get which may make you get tighter.  The body must be kept in balance with a comprehensive flexibility training program to avoid pain, injury and frustration.  Control and balance come from a specific kind of flexibility training that involves working on flexibility while standing up, only after you are completely warmed up and opened up to perform at maximum capacity.

Even people who are naturally very flexible need a certain kind of flexibility/core strength training to get control or can perform like floppy loose noodle without clean lines. Because they may feel like they are already flexible and don’t have to work for it, when can lead to compensating when performing without proper alignment.  Usually tighter people are good jumpers and naturally very flexible dancers tend to have to work at getting good height. The best way to do this is create a routine of different kinds of jumping drills.

"I've REALLY noticed how tight I am with all the extra dancing now that I am in the year round Professional Training Program at Ellison Ballet.  I know I am getting stronger and it definitely makes me feel tight. I try to do Stacey's recommended stretches as much as possible and regularly practice with her DVD "Proven Flexibility Solutions for Dancers" to keep conditioned." Robbie Downey

The good news is anyone can become more flexible if they do the right stretches in the correct order. Rather than holding the stretch while in pain and being stuck there, repeat the more difficult stretches until it starts to get easier each time.  In order to make noticeable progress deep breathing is required while relaxing as you exhale and sink into each stretch.

flexibility with robbie downey
With Robbie Downey

Always honor the body by warming up. Aches and pain is the body’s way of talking to you, in most cases a complete flexibility session is all that is needed to clear any issues.   After a session my clients are usually shocked that they can dance without pain and are actually capable of having the flexibility they have always dreamed of. 

The bar is always being raised higher and higher on dance, skating, gymnastics and with all sports to perform with the highest range of motion possible.  The best way to increase flexibility is for to work it in as part of your regular  training regimen  and it will pay off. 

Keeping myself flexi! 

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Stephen's progress 

A great place to start is at the beginning. No matter how advanced you think you are it is vital to have proper alignment and to do the stretches in order. I created a program especially for this called Proven Flexibility Solutions for Dancers.

DVD Review:

"Proven Flexibility Solutions for Dancers" is an excellent routine to help keep dancers properly stretched.  It addresses some common issues and needs dancers have in terms of stretching that often go unaddressed.  I have found that it is a brief video that doesn't take a ton of time out of my day, but still provides significant results.  As a dancer, I appreciate that I can get results with this video to help me stay on track in between longer sessions and stretch routines.  It is a valuable part of my regular training routine. 

Lauren Michael competitive dancer

Lauren on working one on one with Stacey...

"Training with Stacey has been an incredible experience. Her focused, individualized approach, and expertise has proven to be invaluable. I've made improvements beyond what I ever thought possible, and it's really been a game changer for me and my dancing." 

Thank you for reading and good luck! 


Stacey Nemour 

Stacey Nemour is a Internationally recognized highly respected martial artist and flexibility master. She is known as a voice for transformation through her extensive DVD line and as a regular blogger on the Huffington Post on topics about: Kung Fu, flexibility, injury prevention, raising consciousness, sports performance, healing, meditation, and well-being. Her work also has been featured in  other numerous publications including Inside Kung Fu, Masters of Kung Fu, Self Magazine, Dutch Yoga Magazine and most recently a spread in four issues of Kung Fu Magazine. Her flexibility systems are used by: Internationally by recognized MMA fighters, Celebrities, Gymnast, Ice Skaters, Professional Soccer, NBA players, Baseball players, Ballerinas and dancers for competitive preparation at the national and Olympic level.

 In addition to appearing on Fox Sports 11 News and guest starring in the popular TV show Power Rangers, Stacey has worked as a fight double on television shows and performed in select video games She also was hired by the inventor of the StretchGym to help design the flexibility training program and performs this in the DVD that comes with the apparatus.  Her latest video “Proven Flexibility Solutions for Dancers” with dancer in training Robbie Downey now available @ . For more information and her DVD line : ;Stacey is available for private flexibility coaching sessions in person or via Skype for people out of Southern California.

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