Sunday, January 17, 2016

Improve your Arabesque and Back Strength and How To Take Photos for your Summer Intensive

Check out these videos from me (with Stacey Nemour and Jennifer Curry Wingrove), and fellow youtubers Kathryn Morgan (former soloist NYCB), Clarissa May (Live on Point) and Hannah Ballet!

I am really young in some of these videos (so embarrassing) and my sister is a baby!!!!! So cute.

They are pretty raw but have great info. Always warm up and ask your teacher if you are unsure about an exercise. Be safe when stretching and don't overdo. It takes patience and consistency to build flexibility and strength. You have to be able to hold that leg up there, right?!! You need a strong back and remember to keep your hips square in arabesque . =)

Check out for more great videos you can download! Be sure to watch the HOW TO video below with me and my sister, Kyla, with tips on taking arabesque photos for your summer intensive. Good luck! xo Robbie

Quick note- something I learned at Ellison Ballet: When doing an arabesque, try and get the crease in your hip. Really rotate that thigh when the leg is up in arabesque, you will start to see a "V" shape in the muscles near the hip (when rotated). When closing from arabesque really pull up those stomach muscles and pull the pelvis up to bring the leg down. Pull up the hamstring in the supporting leg and rotate the inner thigh.

I also found a great thread on ! Must read!

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  1. Robbie where are you auditioning for your summer intensive? Are you competing at YAGP this year? If so what variation are you competing and what competition are you planning to attend?

    1. I applied for Royal and of course, Ellison =) I am really happy with the training here. I will be doing a group piece with Ellison Ballet in Boston. Hopefully my foot will be 100% I have had to rest it and have not had pointe for weeks =( I will make a blog about it.