Summer Intensives

Links to the best articles on how to choose and prepare for a summer intensive or SI audition. 

Ballet Scoop does a great job covering SI's and keeping the info current

Nichelle has a great site with a great SI article at Dance Advantage

Summer Intensive Reviews is a growing site with info

Ballet Talk for Dancers is a great forum with archives

And of course if you search for summer intensives on youtube you will find many helpful videos and some videos of the actual programs themselves! 

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  1. We signed our daughter up for this 5 week intensive with every intention on her attending. This has been a very important training period for her and she was excited about attending. She attends a private boarding school where she is studying ballet. Her director, told her that she needed to attend this summer intensive. During her training at school she has undergone surgery on her right foot for the removal of an extra bone (Os Trigonum), this was a 12 week recover period last summer. She now finds herself needing to have surgery on her left foot on June 15th for the very same issue as well as for the removal of a large ganglion cyst. As soon as she was diagnosed with this condition I contacted CPYB (Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet) and informed them, first by phone then by email, that she would not be able to attend as she will be having surgery just prior to the beginning of the intensive. I was informed, on the phone, that they would be keeping her tuition $1400.00 even though they will fill her spot immediately from the wait list. I submitted written letters from the doctor and director of her school letting them know that it is impossible for her to dance. When I paid I saw on the form that the $300.00 registration fee is non refundable (see attached) but there was no mention of the tuition being non refundable. They now tell me that it is there (buried under many links on their website) and is nowhere to be seen when you are filling out online payment info. It is absolutely outrageous that they would keep $1400.00 tuition and re-sell the same spot immediately, from the waitlist, for yet another $1400 tuition. They are in fact banking on the fact that children will become injured, not be able to attend and therefore double their money on one spot. It is totally fair that they keep the $300 registration fee to offset administrative costs. It is clearly not fair that they keep the tuition when they have in fact incurred no cost or loss

    1. I'm surprised they kept the deposit with proof of injury. They all have different policies but I would also be upset. That is a lot of money. Have you contacted the director of the school? I would keep contacting until you get all the way to the top person and find out when their next board of directors meeting is and tell them you will be attending.