Late Starters

If you think you are too old to start ballet think again. We get asked this on youtube all the time by girls that are about 12-13. Check out this list of "late" starters and listen to what Misty Copeland says about being an artist.

I'll preface this by saying that good feet, good flexibility, musicality and facility can all play a role in successfully starting late. But there is also no substitute for dedication, passion and determination so go for it and have fun ;)

Misty Copeland, 13 

Patricia Zhou, 13

Natalia Makarova, 13

Rudolf Nureyev, 17

Kristi Boone, 13 (Soloist, ABT)

Darcey Bussel, 13 (former Principal, Royal Ballet)

David Hallberg, 12 (Principal, ABT and First American to join Bolshoi)

Calvin Royal III, 14 (ABT II)

Carmen Corella, 13 (formerly with ABT...not sure now...)

Sylvie Guillem, 12 (former Etoile with POB)

Valerie Robin, 14 (Joffrey Ballet)

Sokvannara (SY) SAR watch Dancing Across Borders to see his story.

Evelyn Hart, 14
(Born in Ontario, Evelyn Hart began her ballet training at the age of 14 at the Dorothy Carter School of Dance in London, Ontario. In 1973, she began studying at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Professional Division with David Moroni. Ms. Hart made her professional debut with the company in 1976. In 1978 she was promoted to Soloist and in 1979 to Principal Dancer. Evelyn Hart has been coached by Dame Alicia Markova, Jorge Garcia, Natalia Zolotova, Vishna Popovic and Ludmila Bogomolova. In 1980, Evelyn Hart won a Bronze Medal at the World Ballet Concours in Japan. Later that year, Evelyn came to international attention when she became the first Canadian to be awarded a Gold Medal at the International Ballet Competition in Varna, Bulgaria, as well as the rarely awarded Certificate of Exceptional Artistic Achievement. Evelyn Hart is the recipient of the Order of Canada and is a member of Canada's Walk of Fame.)


Hee Seo, (Soloist, ABT) 11 still young but worth noting