Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Pointe Shoe Recommendation

Below is my recommendation. You can try to get one done at You have to be a member to post. It is a heavily moderated forum (which is a good thing). Be sure to follow the rules for posting and all guidelines. Have your mom help you. My recommendation came from an ex-ballet dancer, company shoe mistress and ballet teacher as well as mother to a male dancer. 

This is the information my mom provided: 

Picture links below for pointe shoe recommendations. Age 14.

Intermediate. Dancing 10 years on pointe for 3. 
Length Right foot 9.25-9.5"
Length Left foot 9.5 "
Width Right and Left foot 4.5"
Big toe Right and Left Foot 3.5"
US Street Shoe Size 7.5-8 depends on shoe in suffolks album you can see them on a foot sizer.
  Her right foot is nicer and she complains that feet don't pointe or show well in the shoes she has tried when doing center work. Trouble rolling through. Nothing seems to be an extension of her foot. Just klunky. People have also suggested sewing the heel and 3/4 shanking.

1. Her feet


2. Her feet in Bloch Euro Balance 6.5xxx great for turning - heel looks terrible, does not show arch, sole of shoe seems to cover  so much surface area! It's very big and bulky.


3. Her feet in Suffolks 6xxx - look a bit nicer but she doesn't turn or go over box as well. Was thinking about trying the stellars that are lower profile.
Thank you for your help!

Reply from the expert =) 

I think the Stellar may end up being the one. Have her start with size 6.5 XX (as per Mark himself)

She has a tapered toe configuration, meaning she needs to stay away from square shoes like the European Balance. She has compressible feet as well. She definitely has a space between her big toe and 2nd, which is causing the beginning of what could be bunions, so there are some strengthening exercises I think she needs to do daily. Her 5th, 4th, and 3rd toenails need to be shorter than they are too. I will write more later but am off to an appt.

Your dd uses her feet really well, and I do see what she is saying about the inequality between her 2 feet. Fortunately, she should be able to improve in the way she'd like! She will have to be diligent in doing daily exercises, but it should be able to be remedied. Your dd has low profile so low profile shoes will be necessary. She needs a medium weight shank so "Standard" or "Medium" or 1.8mm-2.0mm should work well for her. Her vamp length should probably be around 4 1/4"- 4.5", but no longer. Her side seams should be kept lower to show off her insteps- somewhere around 2" or lower should work.

She may want to be sure that she's working equally on both legs, and should probably stay away from spending time working on "the good side". That means choosing variations that might contain work that is done on her weaker side, and ensuring that she works equally in class. Theraband work would benefit her, and it would be good to get a PT's opinion in order to help maximize her progress. She seems to be well on her way!

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  1. I am a dancer too! I am 11 and I do not know if I am ready for Pointe. What should I do?