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Searching for Perfection: Interview with Joy Womack and Nikita Ivanov

You may or may not know that I have been following Joy Womack's story for a long time. Sometimes I post pictures of her or share videos. I posted right away when I found out that she was the first American woman accepted in the Bolshoi company (read it here) . Joy said it best when she said "Dreams do come true". She is an inspration to me and I want to share more of her story with you. 

There is documentary being released called Searching for Perfection and I am excited to post a quick Q & A about the movie with Joy and Nikita. I have tons of ballet documentaries and I am really excited about the movie. =) 

Watch the trailer and then read my interview with Joy and Nikita below. 

1. Could you please tell us a little what the documentary is about?

Joy: I think the film is first and foremost a window into what we as artists live. Our struggles and our victories. It focuses primarily with the small things in our daily routine with some interview about our background and our dreams...

2. The short films are usually created by young independent filmmakers with very low or zero budgets, without any studio involved. Were not you afraid to be part of such a project?

Joy: At first I said yes and was very excited and then I realized the commitment and became scared. Then I realized the youth is for the young and risks should be taken in order for growth. I am so amazed at what the team put together. They are all so dedicated to their craft and passions and it was inspiring to work with! 

Nikita: No, I was not afraid at all, it was rather interesting. The team which created the film is very diverse, interesting and motivated to make a unique story. In the filming process we’ve become so close together and sharing a common goal.

3. The documentary focuses quite a lot on your private life. Your fans definitely will enjoy it. Was it difficult decision for you to open your private life to the audience?

Joy: I think back now and I know in this film it will be a very intimate look into my experience my first year. I was very delicate in a way and they caught that struggle on camera. It’s amazing how fast we grow and change... I am for it because its interesting to collaborate with other artists and open up the good and the bad. But the future is long and sometimes life definitely gives you forks in the road. Who knows where we will be in 10 to 15 years... and I am grateful that I’ll be able to look back on this film almost like a yearbook. 

Nikita: When it comes to a good story I am all right with it, why not) I trust the director’s vision and ready to any interesting ideas.

4. Were you involved in editing process or let the filmmakers decide what is the best for the film?

Joy: I think the film producers and editors did a great job getting what they wanted to share out there in a beautiful way. I feel like we may have suggested a couple things here and there but for the most part it was there call))).

5. Are you satisfied with the final cut?

Joy: I am excited to see the reactions of the viewers but most of all I really hope it blesses Dina and her wonderful team!

Nikita: I like it!


You can find out more about Joy on her website and learn more about the movie at . 

You can LIKE the movie on facebook here...

The film is produced by Dina Burlis and you can read more about her here...

Joy and Nikita © Searching for Perfection

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