Friday, July 29, 2011

Final Performance and Headed Home!

Wow! Five weeks! I may have mentioned this but I told my mom I'm not ready to live here "YET". I'm so going to live here SOMEDAY! Okay final performance was amazing. So fun! I think we did a good job just me and one other girl were traveling backwards on this one part and we went into the screen kind of . But it was no big deal. What a cool looking school (Frank Sinatra) . The theater was nice and mostly full for the 12pm show. The older students are AMAZING! I mean AMAZING! If you ever hear anyone say ABT is too crowded or just a money maker (yah we heard that)  - they DO NOT have any idea what they are talking about. Totally amazing dancers and program. I will try out again. Yes I will. You should have seen the boys and their feet! Everyone was really, really good.

Congrats to everyone that got into JKO school. Even some people that did not fill out the form to be considered and evaluated were invited to JKO. My friend filled it out, she got in and she is hoping she can make the commute from New Jersey. It's about 45 minutes. I did not fill it out because it clearly states you have to relocate if you aren't in the area, of course. Someday I will fill it out!!!

People were crying. We all signed each others ABT SI t-shirts. The good byes were sad but I got a lot of phone numbers so we can all text each other ;) It would be great if we all came back next year! Praying!

I found out today that when me and my mom go to San Francisco we are getting our hair cuts at a salon there. If you have seen the pictures on facebook you will say hooray! My hair is so long and gross right now! I think I mentioned this already  but it is really bugging me.  I also hope I can get my braces off asap! Over it! I can not wait to sleep in my own bed tomorrow night!

Thanks to my mom for editing all the blogs for me ;) Goodnight!!!!!!! 



Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wrapping up! Week 5!

Been really busy and tired so it has been hard to post! This week I started out with a sore foot from Friday so I caved in and took time out of class to go to PT (Physical Therapy) . It was a good idea because I learned some things about my positioning in turning out that I need to work on and I got some home work! I'll blog more about that when I get home and probably show a video in case anyone else has the same problem. But on Wed night my Mom asked how is your foot and I had totally forgot about it so you know what that means... it's fine! Phew!

We got our ABT SI T-shirts and some abt hair accessories on Wed. We are all taking the subway to Frank Sinatra School of Art for the Final Performance and we will be matching- that way we won't lose any bun heads hopefully.Our level red doesn't have any variations on pointe but they are still super fun. One reminds me of family scene/ party scene from Nutcracker because we get to do acting and it's like a party kind of with a prince etc. It's really fun! Yes we ordered a video. ;)

Wed night we went to the movies with some other girls from our class and saw Super 8. SCARY and sad. Our carpet is getting ripped out in the hall of our dorm too and it smells terrible. But over all I love the dorms! We got lucky because we really had no idea about anything and if it would be nice or not! I mean you hear horror stories about mice, bed bugs, loud people. It was nice and the food was good. I liked the roof top too and the tv room.

So there is an article in Pointe magazine (HERE) about how hard it is to get into ABT and NYCB and it lists some other choices of companies etc! AHHHHHHHHH! Scarier than Super 8. I know we have to have a plan B but I WANT to dance for ABT. I'll keep trying hard and I am going to audition for this SI again next year. My mom read on a forum that just because you went one year does not mean you will get accepted the next so you always have to be on your toes! Ha!! ;)

Soon I will be home with my cat, bunny, mom, dogs, sister and her new rat Mr. Nibbles. I can not wait to catch up on Vampire Diaries. I need to watch all of season 1 and part of season 2 before the new ones start! Oh and then we are going to San Francisco to see Maria Kochetkova's documentary screening and I'm also going to get a new hair cut there for school. My hair is soooooooo long!



Sunday, July 24, 2011

Final Week at ABT SI 2011!

Summary: Heat Wave! Tired! Foot hurts below the ankle on outside but it's okay- lots of ice- overworked! Final Performance at the end of the week! See the ad on pretty cool!

Kyono's Mom treated us to Chinese food tonight for our hard work the last few weeks ;) We picked up some mad libs and that should keep us busy on the way home Saturday! I grabbed some I heart NY shirts and some last minute gifts today!

It has been sooooo hot! I will miss the city for sure but am very happy to go home and see my family and my pets. My cat will be so happy to see me I know that! Okay more updates through the last week. :)



Park Sae-eun (Korea) signs w/ the Paris Opera Ballet!

"This has been my dream since I was a child."

Prix de Lausanne '07

 Congratulations Park Sae-eun (Korea) for signing w/ the Paris Opera Ballet! POB is so exclusive that only 5 percent of its 180 dancers come from outside France! It's actually the law! She is the winner of Prix de Lausanne 2007 and IBC Varna 2010 and danced with ABT II for 2 years (her first place finish in Lausanne earned her that spot) . She is 22 years old and auditioned for the Paris Opera Ballet on July 4th. She finished third among more than 100 applicants. She received an offer to sign with the company the next day. The contract will last until the spring.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Week 4 ABT NYC Summer Intensive 2011 by Robbie

That's me on the left ;) I am going to miss my friends!

This week has been really fun and HOT and HUMID! 96 on Thursday! Classes have been great this week. I've had all my favorite teachers and tons of fun with my friends. We have been leaving for lunch and buying food at a nearby cafe typa place. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the city. I want to go back to see my family but other than that I really don't want to leave.

I found out that all my dances are in the early show next Friday which is good because they will be all on one video. Some people are spread across 2 shows. We do have dances in class on pointe but I don't think we are on pointe for the show at all. Only bummer about being in the day show only is my friend Ann from youtube can't make the day show. BUT she is visiting me tonight. She will pick me up at ABT and walk back with us to the dorm. I think we will grab some dinner on the way. She lives in NY and crosses the Manhattan bridge to go to school so she knows how to get around. 

The dorms are great. The food is good and last night we watched SYTYCD and night before that was Phantom of the Opera. Some girls brought some DVD's so now I know for next time if I come back. We also had a small fridge brought to our room so that helps and we have a/c of course!! You have to have it here!

I am still on my first pair of pointe shoes. I know it depends on your feet etc but I think most everyone is still on first pair so don't go crazy buying pointe shoes if you are in the 12/13 age group. I came with 3 Russian Pointes, 4 pair if you count my grishkos that were already pretty broken in but I'm not using those . Okay well I guess that is all for now! Class starts at 10 today because no yoga!

OH... I wanted to mention that one of the teachers, Kate Lydon is the Editor in Chief for Dance Spirit Magazine and Olga Dvorovenko is Irina's Mom ;) 



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Masha, a Portrait of Ballerina Maria Kochetkova - I'm so there!

A Documentary project in San Francisco, CA by Bronwen Parker-Rhodes

It's official! We are going to see the Masha Documentary in August! Beyond excited! Maria Kochetkova is one of my favorite dancers. I saw her at Reflections - The Bolshoi Project at OPAC where I had my pointe shoes signed by some famous dancers! Maria was so nice and left a signed magazine at security for me but I did not see her. I am so, so excited to be going to San Fran for even just one day to watch the movie screening and hopefully meet her! It's kind of a big deal because I have never been to San Fran and as you know I am spending 5 weeks in NY for ABT Summer Intensive. This is a huge surprise and I am so excited. I will for sure blog from there and take photos!! Fingers crossed I get my pointe shoes signed!



Monday, July 18, 2011

July 13-14 ABT Summer Intensive New York 2011 End of Week 3 post by Naomi

Getting silly... maybe week 3 is the breaking point ;)

 Today's blog is by Naomi - Kyono's Mom

I can't believe that our NY journey has already passed more than a half way through.  Just two more weeks indeed.

Since we've moved into Markles Residence we've met many more dancers of ABT summer intensive and have chance to speak to their moms as well, so we feel as we've got some team-mates.  Since my girls are the youngest of all they have given girls a warm attention.  Just let me explain about this facility to you.  This Markles Residence is built in 1923( I believe this is the year) by Mr. and Mrs. Markles who had compassion toward young artists and business women who couldn't afford to stay in an expensive hotels in NYC, but passionate about their dreams.  As a result they have made a great amount of donation to build this facility and they wanted this facility to be a evangeline residence where people who stay here can experience "Christ like love".   I have to say that we are so blessed to stay here.

About our special tour in NYC.  We went see one of the great Broadway show "Chicago" last weekend and it was sooooooo great and girls loved it very much.  Our seats are awesome orchestra seat and the theater was quite small, so we could almost feel actors body heat and their sweat.

Yesterday, girls and I went TKTS the discount tickets booth to buy the tickets of Billy Elliot show.  The one so famous especially among ballet dancers because of there are so much of dancing scenes and just a lot of fun watching it. Well, we know that the office opens at 11:00, so we got at a box office around 11:10, we saw more than 100 people in line......  We were in line for nearly 1.5 hours to get our tickets hoping that we get a great seats.  We got mezzanine tickets which was not bad, but we couldn't see actors facial expressions : (    People who are serious going to see a great broadway musical they must have been  at the line much much earlier than us, so next time we will know what to do.  Well, living in NYC is like anything else when we learn new thing..... Life is about learning!  Thanks to the Lord that you gave me an ability to learn things ; )  Anyways, Billy Elliot was 5 THUMBS UP!!!! for sure it was just great fun show, and we are shocked  by enormous energy of Billy and other wonderful actors.  It was totally worth for us lining 1.5hrs.  I want to go see it many more times and I definitely recommend to all of age groups.

Talking about learning, since we've lived for 3weeks, one of the things that I learned is about a cross walk.  Although when it's red New Yorkers go cross it as long as cars are not coming to run over you I think it's one of adaptations skills of us human.  When you've got to go you've got to go thing and I now follow them, so I became part New Yorkers, New Diegans (because I'm Sun Diegans by now).  Another thing I found of an good adaptation is a "dog park" here is located underneath of freeway.  It was very nice one by South Sea Port and it was covered by many gigantic dog toys made by cement and water drinking facility for Dogs.  Only thing I wish it was not so attractive was the entire park was barricaded by thick metal bars to the point it's hard to see inside.  I thought that dogs in San Diego are so blessed to be at open sky dog parks with a lot of sunshine.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Week 3 ABT NYC Summer Intensive 2011 July 14-15 by Robbie

Could I live here! Yes! My Mom keeps reminding me that it gets cold, but that's okay. I just love the city and I love the view of all the buildings and I kinda know my way around ! I'm tired at the end of the week and I miss my family but I am still sad that there are only 2 weeks left. I'm already thinking about next year! Fingers crossed and praying that I get in again! So whatever you have heard about ABT you should know it's REALLY great, at least the NY location. For sure. I love it. I don't think the classes are too crowded or too big. I get really good training at home and I am not bored here. I think the teachers are all really good.

In variations we are doing the Peasant Dance from Swan Lake Act 1 on pointe. Everyone is pretty happy about that! I had to ice my heel/foot last night. It's fine but probably just overworked. A summer intensive is a good way to get a tiny idea of what professional dancers deal with, yah a TINY idea. ;)

My friend Brigitte is going to guest blog from the Young Dancers SAB Intensive in LA so be sure to follow so in August you can see that! We will upload pics too!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 9-12 ABT Summer Intensive New York 2011 and Giselle 3D

Natalia Osipova after Reflections - The Bolshoi Project - Natalia stars in Giselle 3D from the Mariinsky!
by Robbie

Saturday we saw Chicago (pics on facebook at ). I really liked it but, seriously, there was a guy playing a lady singing with a really high voice and I had no idea it was a guy! I think we will have musical theater at the SI coming up. I don't think I'm much of a singer so that should be interesting! Sunday we moved to the dorms. I like it! Back in the top bunk so I feel really at home. My bed at home is high up too. We can see the Empire State Building from here too! Our roommate is really nice she is in Law School, she's from Korea. We have A/C ! Can't live with out that! Also have a desk and drawers. And I have a bug bite on my leg ... it itches like crazy but I am NOT touching it.

Now we can walk to the studio with some of the other girls so that's cool . I stopped at Starbucks and got a panini to save for lunch. Also, realized some other kids came with friend's and their friend's Moms so I'm not the only one with out my Mom here.

I am loving the classes and we had Melissa Bowman finally and the class was sooo fun! I have had her before in California and I really like her a lot. She was also the person that oversaw the auditions in Long Beach and was going back and forth between rooms. Today for La Bayadere I had to dance both casts because my alternate was absent. I was really sweaty but it was fun! Of course extra dancing is always fun! ;)

We are going to Giselle 3D tonight (Tuesday) and my mom saw it earlier today and she loved it! I haven't seen it for a couple of years so I forgot a lot of it. I have never seen Natalia Osipova do a full ballet. I only saw her in Reflections. She is amazing!! I'll post how it was tomorrow!

Empire State Building - View from my dorm - more pics of me in NYC on facebook at

Blog from Naomi (Kyono's Mom - Robbie's Chaperone)

Our move was done very smoothly with the help from Donna our friend who let us stay in her apartment.

We enjoyed our last walk to Central Park and girls purchased some nice paints from a Chinese gentleman and some carved miniature stone woks with animal figure from an old artist, we are all contented.

Although in our new place we don't have much space and freedom to cook, stretch in middle of the room : ),  watch TV and etc. we have a great view of Empire State Building right in front of our window and few more famous ones, and when we go up to the roof top of our building we have a whole jewels of the NYC : )
We also get to enjoy a great selection of buffet in each meal and those are absolutely yummy :-)  Also, people who work for this residence are very kind and as well as many of residences here are nice especially for my girls.

Lastly, but importantly I have to mention about our commute to the studio have got a lot easier than before.  It's a nice walk through many of the branding stores on 5th avenue and people are walking in fast pace most of the time.  The city is breathing all the time here.

Girls are doing very well, and they are gaining some confidences within the group of the competitive dancers.

It's time for me to find a local library and YMCA, so I can start my routine here.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Had to share the Press Release for the ABT NYC SI Final Performance!


Final performances for American Ballet Theatre’s New York Summer Intensive Program are scheduled for Friday, July 29, 2011 at 12 P.M. and 4 P.M. at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria, New York.  The performances mark the conclusion of ABT’s 16th annual New York Summer Intensive, a five-week training program for dancers ages 12 to 22.

Summer Intensive students will perform selections from Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, Coppélia, Giselle, and Le Corsaire, as well as an excerpt from Alexei Ratmansky’s
The Bright Stream. Additionally, original choreography by Erika Pujic, Adrienne Hurd, Joe Istre, Leslie Browne and Brian Reeder will be featured.

Participants in American Ballet Theatre’s Summer Intensives are chosen through a cross-country audition tour sponsored by Freed of London, LtdThis year, more than 4,000 students auditioned in 22 cities across the United States.  ABT’s 2011 Summer Intensives will reach over 1100 participants in New York City and through satellite programs in Michigan, Alabama, Texas and California.

250 students are currently participating in the 2011 New York Summer Intensive.  The annual program at ABT’s New York City studios is a comprehensive course that begins with daily ballet technique class and includes specialized classes in pointe work, partnering, choreography, jazz, character dance, modern dance, musical theater, Pilates and yoga for young dancers.  To complement the dancers’ training, lectures are offered on injury prevention, nutrition and dance history.

Under the direction of Melissa Allen Bowman, the 2011 New York Summer Intensive Program incorporates a faculty of ABT alumni, members of ABT’s Artistic Staff and renowned teachers, including Kevin McKenzie, Franco De Vita, Wes Chapman, Kate Lydon, Ethan Brown, Leslie Browne, Harriet Clark, Olga Dvorovenko, Brian Reeder, Lupe Serrano, David Howard and Rosanna Seravalli.

Scünci is the Official Hair Accessory of the ABT Summer Intensive. 

Frank Sinatra School of the Arts is located at 35-12 35th Avenue in Astoria,
New York.  For detailed directions, please visit  Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for children and students and will go on sale to the public on Friday, July 29 at 11 A.M. in the theatre lobby.  For more information, please call the Summer Intensive Hotline at 212.477.3030, ext. 3416 or email  Please visit for more information.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time to catch up! July 3-8 by Robbie

July 3 -  We went swimming at the YMCA to relax tensed up muscles.  The YMCA that we went to was not the kind of YMCA we used to go to in San Diego. It was more like a luxurious hotel with hundreds of workout machines lined up by the giant windows and at the receptionist desk there were gentlemen dressed with black jackets and ties! We had fun swimming there, so hopefully we can swim at least once a week!

July 4 - No training today! We went out to "5th Avenue" for window shopping and later in the afternoon we were at Battery Park where we could see the Statue of Liberty.  Instead of going to the actual island by ferry we enjoyed walking by the water and talked with a fisherman ( he caught a giant blue fin) and a tourist from Brazil ( they said that they will stay there until the fireworks).  It was an absolutely gorgeous view of the ocean and the statue.  We decided to go back to our apartment on the upper east side and enjoy fireworks from the rooftop of the building.   It was pretty to look at the fireworks from between the skyscrapers in NYC and it was very special for us :-)

July 5-8  So we figured out that what we were calling the "Maple Dance" is actually the May Pole Dance! Too funny! Our schedule rotates around and the teachers change around too! Pas de deux is so much fun and I got to partner with 2 different boys this week because one had to leave. Also learning some interesting things in yoga like how to sort of gently hit your legs to loosen up the muscles. But I have a stick for that. I always forget to use it to roll out my legs before and after class! If you want to see what it looks like go to .

Franco De Vita (Principal of JKO School)

Jazz was a blast this week and we are learning more variations. We finally had Franco (Principal of JKO School)! At first he was a little "scary" at first but I loved his class. I always end up really liking the "scary" teachers. He asked us where we were from and after that he called us "San Diego" "Florida" etc. so maybe not so scary after all ;) I hope we have him again next week. So far I really like all the teachers and the other students. But getting a little homesick now. I hope my Mom can come out the last week. We have been skyping.

One of my new friends from New Jersey, we found out that I went to elementary school with her cousin in California. Small world! Many of us went to see Sleeping Beauty at the MET. I can't believe I saw a ABT at the MET in NYC! I hope to dance there someday. One of the boys in our class was in the party scene. I love the part where the evil witch arrives. They shoot in a light or fire ball of some type maybe like a firework and she appears in a puff of smoke . It's so cool. Hee Seo was Lilac Fairy (Princess Florine shown below). I love her. Last time I saw ABT do this show in LA she was Puss n Boots and I really love that costume! It is so cute! Irina was beyond great as usual!! She didn't dance with her husband this time though.

So Sunday we move to the dorms. I'm excited. Some other girls are staying there also and there are bunk beds but no kitchens so I guess we will be buying lunch the next 3 weeks. Today is Saturday and we are going to see Chicago! We are going to try to see Billy Elliot before we leave. Kiril Kulish and David Alvarez who have done Billy in the past- the year they won the Emmy- used to train with my dance teacher Maxim Tchernychev (he's amazing by the way) . Also I think Kiril is now at the JKO school along with another boy from my old studio (Beau).

My first pair of Russian Pointes are broken in but feel good so next week I am going to break in another pair so I have 2 I can alternate between. They rub a little on my pinky toes but I just tape them so NO blisters for me. I love these shoes!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 6 ABT NYC Summer Intensive 2011

It's a Saturday! Sure felt good to sleep in! Okay so Thursday and Friday were really fun. We started learning "The Maple Dance" in Rep and I think the music is from the first act of Swan Lake (?) Looks like Kyono and I are the only girls from California in this age group (12/13). Some others are from Florida, NY, New Jersey and Delaware, not sure where else.

Next week we get to see Irina Dvorovenko in ABT's Swan Lake and we get Franco De Vita for technique and pointe class I think! He is the principal of the JKO school so we are excited about that!

It is hot and humid here and today (Saturday) we are going bike riding in Central Park. Tomorrow some shopping I think and maybe Monday fireworks on the rooftop of our building. We are on the 13th floor but it's okay because that is Kyono's family's lucky number! Also we are in a great neighborhood.



Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 5 ABT NYC Summer Intensive 2011

Today's Blog is by Naomi- Kyono's Mom

Our girls finished this Friday with painful legs.  First Robbie came out of the building with an expression of being completely fatigued, then Kyono comes out with a frowning face.  Before I asked them how they were doing Kyono had told me that her right ankle was hurting so much...  I asked Kyono that if she needed medical attention, then she replied to me no need.  Then I asked Robbie if she had any painful parts in her body.  Then I found out that Robbie's right ankle was inflamed as well. :-(  I was afraid of them getting sick and how hopeless I would become.  I asked Kyono why she didn't go see a physical therapist at ABT, and she told me it started during the last class, so she didn't want to go see the physical therapist......

We took a rest on the benches on Broadway St. for a while.   I gave both girls a warm epson salt foot baths and heat compress for the achey ankles and knees as soon as we got to our apartment.
After a while the girls were much better in spirit because not only they felt better, but they knew that it's going to be a big three day weekend!!   They said "Yeah, we can sleep in till really late!  and we can go shopping!!"  Well I don't know about going shopping though..I thought these 3~4 days would be hard for girls because they are realizing how hard their courses are, and in the same time they started missing mom, dad, sister, brother, dogs, cat, bunny and rats?  I've got to be a patient, loving and wise mother with His help otherwise we will all sink.  

Update! Girls are completely back to 100% for class Tuesday! No serious problems. Three days off to recover from the first week was perfect!