Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 5 ABT NYC Summer Intensive 2011

Today's Blog is by Naomi- Kyono's Mom

Our girls finished this Friday with painful legs.  First Robbie came out of the building with an expression of being completely fatigued, then Kyono comes out with a frowning face.  Before I asked them how they were doing Kyono had told me that her right ankle was hurting so much...  I asked Kyono that if she needed medical attention, then she replied to me no need.  Then I asked Robbie if she had any painful parts in her body.  Then I found out that Robbie's right ankle was inflamed as well. :-(  I was afraid of them getting sick and how hopeless I would become.  I asked Kyono why she didn't go see a physical therapist at ABT, and she told me it started during the last class, so she didn't want to go see the physical therapist......

We took a rest on the benches on Broadway St. for a while.   I gave both girls a warm epson salt foot baths and heat compress for the achey ankles and knees as soon as we got to our apartment.
After a while the girls were much better in spirit because not only they felt better, but they knew that it's going to be a big three day weekend!!   They said "Yeah, we can sleep in till really late!  and we can go shopping!!"  Well I don't know about going shopping though..I thought these 3~4 days would be hard for girls because they are realizing how hard their courses are, and in the same time they started missing mom, dad, sister, brother, dogs, cat, bunny and rats?  I've got to be a patient, loving and wise mother with His help otherwise we will all sink.  

Update! Girls are completely back to 100% for class Tuesday! No serious problems. Three days off to recover from the first week was perfect!

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