Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time to catch up! July 3-8 by Robbie

July 3 -  We went swimming at the YMCA to relax tensed up muscles.  The YMCA that we went to was not the kind of YMCA we used to go to in San Diego. It was more like a luxurious hotel with hundreds of workout machines lined up by the giant windows and at the receptionist desk there were gentlemen dressed with black jackets and ties! We had fun swimming there, so hopefully we can swim at least once a week!

July 4 - No training today! We went out to "5th Avenue" for window shopping and later in the afternoon we were at Battery Park where we could see the Statue of Liberty.  Instead of going to the actual island by ferry we enjoyed walking by the water and talked with a fisherman ( he caught a giant blue fin) and a tourist from Brazil ( they said that they will stay there until the fireworks).  It was an absolutely gorgeous view of the ocean and the statue.  We decided to go back to our apartment on the upper east side and enjoy fireworks from the rooftop of the building.   It was pretty to look at the fireworks from between the skyscrapers in NYC and it was very special for us :-)

July 5-8  So we figured out that what we were calling the "Maple Dance" is actually the May Pole Dance! Too funny! Our schedule rotates around and the teachers change around too! Pas de deux is so much fun and I got to partner with 2 different boys this week because one had to leave. Also learning some interesting things in yoga like how to sort of gently hit your legs to loosen up the muscles. But I have a stick for that. I always forget to use it to roll out my legs before and after class! If you want to see what it looks like go to .

Franco De Vita (Principal of JKO School)

Jazz was a blast this week and we are learning more variations. We finally had Franco (Principal of JKO School)! At first he was a little "scary" at first but I loved his class. I always end up really liking the "scary" teachers. He asked us where we were from and after that he called us "San Diego" "Florida" etc. so maybe not so scary after all ;) I hope we have him again next week. So far I really like all the teachers and the other students. But getting a little homesick now. I hope my Mom can come out the last week. We have been skyping.

One of my new friends from New Jersey, we found out that I went to elementary school with her cousin in California. Small world! Many of us went to see Sleeping Beauty at the MET. I can't believe I saw a ABT at the MET in NYC! I hope to dance there someday. One of the boys in our class was in the party scene. I love the part where the evil witch arrives. They shoot in a light or fire ball of some type maybe like a firework and she appears in a puff of smoke . It's so cool. Hee Seo was Lilac Fairy (Princess Florine shown below). I love her. Last time I saw ABT do this show in LA she was Puss n Boots and I really love that costume! It is so cute! Irina was beyond great as usual!! She didn't dance with her husband this time though.

So Sunday we move to the dorms. I'm excited. Some other girls are staying there also and there are bunk beds but no kitchens so I guess we will be buying lunch the next 3 weeks. Today is Saturday and we are going to see Chicago! We are going to try to see Billy Elliot before we leave. Kiril Kulish and David Alvarez who have done Billy in the past- the year they won the Emmy- used to train with my dance teacher Maxim Tchernychev (he's amazing by the way) . Also I think Kiril is now at the JKO school along with another boy from my old studio (Beau).

My first pair of Russian Pointes are broken in but feel good so next week I am going to break in another pair so I have 2 I can alternate between. They rub a little on my pinky toes but I just tape them so NO blisters for me. I love these shoes!

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