Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 9-12 ABT Summer Intensive New York 2011 and Giselle 3D

Natalia Osipova after Reflections - The Bolshoi Project - Natalia stars in Giselle 3D from the Mariinsky!
by Robbie

Saturday we saw Chicago (pics on facebook at www.facebook.com/balletbabble ). I really liked it but, seriously, there was a guy playing a lady singing with a really high voice and I had no idea it was a guy! I think we will have musical theater at the SI coming up. I don't think I'm much of a singer so that should be interesting! Sunday we moved to the dorms. I like it! Back in the top bunk so I feel really at home. My bed at home is high up too. We can see the Empire State Building from here too! Our roommate is really nice she is in Law School, she's from Korea. We have A/C ! Can't live with out that! Also have a desk and drawers. And I have a bug bite on my leg ... it itches like crazy but I am NOT touching it.

Now we can walk to the studio with some of the other girls so that's cool . I stopped at Starbucks and got a panini to save for lunch. Also, realized some other kids came with friend's and their friend's Moms so I'm not the only one with out my Mom here.

I am loving the classes and we had Melissa Bowman finally and the class was sooo fun! I have had her before in California and I really like her a lot. She was also the person that oversaw the auditions in Long Beach and was going back and forth between rooms. Today for La Bayadere I had to dance both casts because my alternate was absent. I was really sweaty but it was fun! Of course extra dancing is always fun! ;)

We are going to Giselle 3D tonight (Tuesday) and my mom saw it earlier today and she loved it! I haven't seen it for a couple of years so I forgot a lot of it. I have never seen Natalia Osipova do a full ballet. I only saw her in Reflections. She is amazing!! I'll post how it was tomorrow!

Empire State Building - View from my dorm - more pics of me in NYC on facebook at www.facebook.com/balletbabble

Blog from Naomi (Kyono's Mom - Robbie's Chaperone)

Our move was done very smoothly with the help from Donna our friend who let us stay in her apartment.

We enjoyed our last walk to Central Park and girls purchased some nice paints from a Chinese gentleman and some carved miniature stone woks with animal figure from an old artist, we are all contented.

Although in our new place we don't have much space and freedom to cook, stretch in middle of the room : ),  watch TV and etc. we have a great view of Empire State Building right in front of our window and few more famous ones, and when we go up to the roof top of our building we have a whole jewels of the NYC : )
We also get to enjoy a great selection of buffet in each meal and those are absolutely yummy :-)  Also, people who work for this residence are very kind and as well as many of residences here are nice especially for my girls.

Lastly, but importantly I have to mention about our commute to the studio have got a lot easier than before.  It's a nice walk through many of the branding stores on 5th avenue and people are walking in fast pace most of the time.  The city is breathing all the time here.

Girls are doing very well, and they are gaining some confidences within the group of the competitive dancers.

It's time for me to find a local library and YMCA, so I can start my routine here.

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