Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 6 ABT NYC Summer Intensive 2011

It's a Saturday! Sure felt good to sleep in! Okay so Thursday and Friday were really fun. We started learning "The Maple Dance" in Rep and I think the music is from the first act of Swan Lake (?) Looks like Kyono and I are the only girls from California in this age group (12/13). Some others are from Florida, NY, New Jersey and Delaware, not sure where else.

Next week we get to see Irina Dvorovenko in ABT's Swan Lake and we get Franco De Vita for technique and pointe class I think! He is the principal of the JKO school so we are excited about that!

It is hot and humid here and today (Saturday) we are going bike riding in Central Park. Tomorrow some shopping I think and maybe Monday fireworks on the rooftop of our building. We are on the 13th floor but it's okay because that is Kyono's family's lucky number! Also we are in a great neighborhood.




  1. do you have class on the weekends durring the SI?

  2. no just during the week ;)phew!