Thursday, July 14, 2011

Week 3 ABT NYC Summer Intensive 2011 July 14-15 by Robbie

Could I live here! Yes! My Mom keeps reminding me that it gets cold, but that's okay. I just love the city and I love the view of all the buildings and I kinda know my way around ! I'm tired at the end of the week and I miss my family but I am still sad that there are only 2 weeks left. I'm already thinking about next year! Fingers crossed and praying that I get in again! So whatever you have heard about ABT you should know it's REALLY great, at least the NY location. For sure. I love it. I don't think the classes are too crowded or too big. I get really good training at home and I am not bored here. I think the teachers are all really good.

In variations we are doing the Peasant Dance from Swan Lake Act 1 on pointe. Everyone is pretty happy about that! I had to ice my heel/foot last night. It's fine but probably just overworked. A summer intensive is a good way to get a tiny idea of what professional dancers deal with, yah a TINY idea. ;)

My friend Brigitte is going to guest blog from the Young Dancers SAB Intensive in LA so be sure to follow so in August you can see that! We will upload pics too!

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