Monday, July 18, 2011

July 13-14 ABT Summer Intensive New York 2011 End of Week 3 post by Naomi

Getting silly... maybe week 3 is the breaking point ;)

 Today's blog is by Naomi - Kyono's Mom

I can't believe that our NY journey has already passed more than a half way through.  Just two more weeks indeed.

Since we've moved into Markles Residence we've met many more dancers of ABT summer intensive and have chance to speak to their moms as well, so we feel as we've got some team-mates.  Since my girls are the youngest of all they have given girls a warm attention.  Just let me explain about this facility to you.  This Markles Residence is built in 1923( I believe this is the year) by Mr. and Mrs. Markles who had compassion toward young artists and business women who couldn't afford to stay in an expensive hotels in NYC, but passionate about their dreams.  As a result they have made a great amount of donation to build this facility and they wanted this facility to be a evangeline residence where people who stay here can experience "Christ like love".   I have to say that we are so blessed to stay here.

About our special tour in NYC.  We went see one of the great Broadway show "Chicago" last weekend and it was sooooooo great and girls loved it very much.  Our seats are awesome orchestra seat and the theater was quite small, so we could almost feel actors body heat and their sweat.

Yesterday, girls and I went TKTS the discount tickets booth to buy the tickets of Billy Elliot show.  The one so famous especially among ballet dancers because of there are so much of dancing scenes and just a lot of fun watching it. Well, we know that the office opens at 11:00, so we got at a box office around 11:10, we saw more than 100 people in line......  We were in line for nearly 1.5 hours to get our tickets hoping that we get a great seats.  We got mezzanine tickets which was not bad, but we couldn't see actors facial expressions : (    People who are serious going to see a great broadway musical they must have been  at the line much much earlier than us, so next time we will know what to do.  Well, living in NYC is like anything else when we learn new thing..... Life is about learning!  Thanks to the Lord that you gave me an ability to learn things ; )  Anyways, Billy Elliot was 5 THUMBS UP!!!! for sure it was just great fun show, and we are shocked  by enormous energy of Billy and other wonderful actors.  It was totally worth for us lining 1.5hrs.  I want to go see it many more times and I definitely recommend to all of age groups.

Talking about learning, since we've lived for 3weeks, one of the things that I learned is about a cross walk.  Although when it's red New Yorkers go cross it as long as cars are not coming to run over you I think it's one of adaptations skills of us human.  When you've got to go you've got to go thing and I now follow them, so I became part New Yorkers, New Diegans (because I'm Sun Diegans by now).  Another thing I found of an good adaptation is a "dog park" here is located underneath of freeway.  It was very nice one by South Sea Port and it was covered by many gigantic dog toys made by cement and water drinking facility for Dogs.  Only thing I wish it was not so attractive was the entire park was barricaded by thick metal bars to the point it's hard to see inside.  I thought that dogs in San Diego are so blessed to be at open sky dog parks with a lot of sunshine.

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