Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wrapping up! Week 5!

Been really busy and tired so it has been hard to post! This week I started out with a sore foot from Friday so I caved in and took time out of class to go to PT (Physical Therapy) . It was a good idea because I learned some things about my positioning in turning out that I need to work on and I got some home work! I'll blog more about that when I get home and probably show a video in case anyone else has the same problem. But on Wed night my Mom asked how is your foot and I had totally forgot about it so you know what that means... it's fine! Phew!

We got our ABT SI T-shirts and some abt hair accessories on Wed. We are all taking the subway to Frank Sinatra School of Art for the Final Performance and we will be matching- that way we won't lose any bun heads hopefully.Our level red doesn't have any variations on pointe but they are still super fun. One reminds me of family scene/ party scene from Nutcracker because we get to do acting and it's like a party kind of with a prince etc. It's really fun! Yes we ordered a video. ;)

Wed night we went to the movies with some other girls from our class and saw Super 8. SCARY and sad. Our carpet is getting ripped out in the hall of our dorm too and it smells terrible. But over all I love the dorms! We got lucky because we really had no idea about anything and if it would be nice or not! I mean you hear horror stories about mice, bed bugs, loud people. It was nice and the food was good. I liked the roof top too and the tv room.

So there is an article in Pointe magazine (HERE) about how hard it is to get into ABT and NYCB and it lists some other choices of companies etc! AHHHHHHHHH! Scarier than Super 8. I know we have to have a plan B but I WANT to dance for ABT. I'll keep trying hard and I am going to audition for this SI again next year. My mom read on a forum that just because you went one year does not mean you will get accepted the next so you always have to be on your toes! Ha!! ;)

Soon I will be home with my cat, bunny, mom, dogs, sister and her new rat Mr. Nibbles. I can not wait to catch up on Vampire Diaries. I need to watch all of season 1 and part of season 2 before the new ones start! Oh and then we are going to San Francisco to see Maria Kochetkova's documentary screening and I'm also going to get a new hair cut there for school. My hair is soooooooo long!



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