Pros as kids

Many photos are old and sources and photographers are hard to find. If you know I will be happy to add the information for any corrections. 

Famous dancers as children and teens.  

April Rae Giangeruso age 11 now at ABT
Isabella Boylston ABT - 2001 YAGP Aurora variation Gold Medal - about age 12

Irina Dvorovenko ABT Principal Dancer  age 13

Vanessa Zahorian at age 12.  Principal Dancer at San Francisco Ballet. 

The video is HERE

Video: Alina Somova (14?) and other 4th/5th year students at 2000 Vagonova Concert

Natalia Osipova age 10 or 11!! Grand pas Classique around 8:18

Polina Semionova - maybe age 5? I'm not sure.

 Whitney Jensen, about age 11, now at Boston Ballet

Isabella Boylston as a teen - looks like she is at an ABT Summer Intensive audition but I'm not sure.

Agnes Letetsu Étoile Paris Opera Ballet. Here she is at age 13 .

Diana Vishneva Principal Dancer American Ballet Theatre

Galina MezentsevaPrincipal Dancer Mariinksy Ballet . Supposedly this photo is of her first class.

David Hallberg Principal Dancer at American Ballet Theatre and the Bolshoi Ballet 

Young Ilya Kuznetsov Master teacher at Bolshoi Ballet Academy

Teenage Natalia Osipova and the Director of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography 
Marina Leonova. Now a Principal Dancer at the Royal Ballet. 

 Maria Kochetkova as a student of ballet. 

Also Maria....

Nina Ananiashvili- Artistic Director State Ballet of Georgia. International Super Star. 

Little Paloma! Paloma Herrera Principal Dancer American Ballet Theatre 

Paloma at 15 at the School of American Ballet (SAB) 

Sylvie Guillem Paris Opera Ballet . Supporter of environmental group Sea Shepherd and a vegetarian =) "I do not want any animal to die for me" SG

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