Tuesday, June 28, 2011

News Flash! ABT NYC SI Produces Black Swans! ;) Day 2 by Robbie

Okay so... not exactly! But definitely some Black Swans in the making. Today we had technique class, choreography and character. We started to learn a variation from La Bayadere for the final performance in choreography. In pointe class we were allowed to wear a wrap skirt if we wanted to and I wore my new Russian pointes and broke them in pretty well! There are 35 12-13 year olds in the RED group, my group. Five or 6 are boys. 

On the street we saw this guy acting like a robot and if you put some money in his jar and he made this weird robot noise with his mouth . Pics on facebook in the ABT album. Gotta love New York! Don't forget to follow on www.facebook.com/balletbabble and twitter at www.twitter.com/balletbabble.



Blog post from Kyono's Mom Naomi:
Day 2, Girls were so excited because they found that by audition they were placed in same group, Red group. They had a regular barre class, point shoes class, injury prevention lecture, choreography class and character dance class today, and they were absolutely tired, but happy.  They almost finished all of the lunch and snacks that I packed (it was a lot to eat for them), but they said they were hungry.  I was so thankful for their healthy bodies which allow them to dance so hard ALL DAY. Tomorrow they will have almost same class, but pilates class will be added instead of character dance.

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