Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My First 2 days in New York for ABT Summer Intensive! by Robbie

Okay so the flight wasn't that bad... but towards the end the pressure of the airplane did make my head feel like it was going to pop so we got off just in time! We have a nice little apartment for 2 weeks then we are moving to some dorms that are a few blocks away from ABT for the last 3 weeks. Right now we will take the subway. There is a CVS downstairs and we have already been to the CAPEZIO store! I also bought some cute slipper boots for the studio - you can see them on my facebook page along with all my other photos I'm uploading. www.facebook.com/balletbabble

The first day we had placement class it was half barre, half, center and 15 minutes of pointe. Melissa Bowman was the "judge". Then lunch then nutrition, injury prevention and orientation. I saw some girls I met at the winter SI prep class at CCD so it was nice to recognize a couple of people. Also I met 2 of the girls that played Clara at Radio City Hall last year. Okay I WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT! But I'm pretty sure you have to live in NYC and maybe even go to the JKO School, I'm not sure.

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Blog post from Kyono's Mom Naomi:

First day, we were approaching the building around 8:15, then we saw over 100 of people (dancers and parents) already lining in front of the building anxiously waiting the door to be open.  There were definitely sparks all over the crowds. My 2 puny dancers were almost over whelmed by other dancers whom most likely had attended ABT summer intensive previously, but they were keeping each other so accountable and weren't fazed by the spark from others.  Yes, I was so proud of them.  Soon, the line became so much longer and by 8:30 it was just so many dancers and parents from all over the world.  Finally the door opened and dancers had disappeared into the building one by one and when my girls went inside it was my turn to deal with my own emotion...... I held my tears hard :-)

Last Sunday we tested riding the NYC subway system for purchasing city maps, last minute ballet gear shopping and etc.,    The subway system in NYC is so precise and you can pretty much to every where using subway, but there are so many stairs as long as you are in NYC subway and there are no escalators what so ever, so I felt as I had been climbing at least 1,000 stairs since we arrived in NYC. ;)

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