Monday, December 19, 2011

Nutcracker 2011

I guess I should have been blogging the whole time but there just wasn't time. I was dancing about 25 hours a week and was at the studio 7 days a week, sometimes twice! Of course this year has to be named the best of all because I was cast as Clara. Honestly I was not expecting it because I am new to this studio. I was understudy last year at my old studio then my teacher relocated. So I had little hope of actually getting the part especially since my teacher was not involved in casting and he knows me best . Anyway I got it and it was amazing just like I thought it would be. Here I am with Miss Robin. She was one of the people that selected me for Clara :)

Unfortunately I did not get to dance with a good friend of mine who was cast as prince because I was an inch taller than him. But other than that I cannot complain at all. The dress was really pretty, a little heavy, but so pretty. I guess some Mom's had pitched in on a year prior to get a new dress. Glad they did. Saw the old one. Not pretty! :) Sorry but it wasn't, so I can see why they did that! I loved the nightgown too for Dream Scene, which was my favorite part by the way. I love the fog and the mice and it's so dramatic. I really am so happy I got to play this part and I would totally do it again ! I don't know how my mom would feel about rolling all those ringlets again for dress rehearsal and each show, 5 times this year counting the parade! Luckily they lasted overnight for the student show. She also had to do Kyla's ringlets for gingersnap and candy cane 9 times for every show and dress rehearsal.

Actually at San Diego Ballet they have the backstage volunteers roll hair for "quality" control. I guess not all moms can do it. But I couldn't get over it. I have never been at a studio where they do everyone's hair for curls. Pretty impressive.

As far as rehearsals I was usually there a couple hours on Saturday and all day Sunday mostly. Then of course there is a tech and dress rehearsal for each theater. Except for this Christmas festival we did. Now that was interesting. But I have to say very, very fun. First year they did it and I don't think they advertised too well because it was a smaller crowd but I'd dance in a parking lot for stray cats if I was given the choice to dance or not! So for me it was fun. The airport is right there and the planes were coming in just next to the giant stage . Kind of cool actually. Our dressing room was a tent and it was cold outside! But again... really, really fun.

The funniest things from this year was when this little boy Pearson had to stand in for the sheep that runs out and around a company dancer because the other sheep wasn't ready. So he runs out but not far enough around the dancer and he got kicked and you heard him yell out "hey" it was hilarious. Then one night, again with the sheep, we were rehearsing for the student show and the sheep were gone so 2 teen girls were goofing off and started to come out as the little sheep and Javier yells at the top of his lungs from a seat in the audience "No Messing Around" it was pretty funny :) Javier is the other Artistic director along with Robin. He also plays Drosselmeyer. He does teach one of my classes too. I like his class because he moves quickly. He is the other person that helped select me for Clara. Thank you Javier!

The final show was the best because w got a standing ovation and a lot of the student's parents were there and all my family was there. I got a ton of flowers and got to take photos after the show with some little kids in my costume. I hope they are inspired to stay with ballet like me!

Oh and the absolute best part of all of it was my teacher Mr. Max was Cavalier and I got to curtsey to him and bow with him and Sugar Plum played by Abby Avery. It was the most amazing experience ever! I didn't want it to end. I always feel that way, except the year I got soldier for the 2nd time :), but especially this year. I'd also like to say that Dew Drop played by
Stephanie Maiorano was perfect. You can click on their names or go to this link to see all of the company . The guys are very nice and funny too, especially Matt Carney.

So now we roll from Nutcracker into Summer Intensive Auditions and for some YAGP. I plan to do YAGP next year when I turn 14. I haven't felt totally ready up to this point but I think by this time next year I can do a good job not just an okay job. I'll keep blogging. Sorry it has been slow but we have been super busy and my mom has to help me so there you go. More coming soon! :)



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  1. Cool ! Sounds like you had a really fun and good time !!