Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ballet Wall Art by Susan Drawbaugh

Recently we came across this little ballerina wall art entitled "Her First Audience" from illustrator Susan Drawbaugh. We found her creations to be beyond precious and we just had to share them with you. Read on to find out more about Susan and how to get your hands on some of her art for your room, nurserie or studio. 

"In our interview with Susan we asked her what inspired her to create this piece." 

Susan: "My grand daughter has loved doing little ballet moves since she saw the Nutcracker at two years old. This idea came months later as I caught her setting up her stuffed animals to watch her while she performed. That scenario was so priceless that I couldn't get to my drawing board fast enough! After the initial painting, I recreated the little girl with different hair and skin colorings to fit the look of other little ballerinas."  

Ballet Babble: What other types of artwork do you do? 

Susan: "I specialize in wall art for nurseries and children's rooms, as well as humorous wall art for grown-ups - in some cases I customize the picture to fit a particular person. Other works that I've done are illustrations for children's picture books, juvenile stationery lines, greeting card lines, children's magazine editorials & covers, company logos - a wide variety throughout the years."

Ballet Babble: "Do you have a website where we can view or purchase your work?"

Susan: "Yes. My complete portfolio of artwork can be viewed at To purchase this Little Ballerina piece and/or other wall art that I've done you can go to Right now I'm offering a 15% discount for the Little Ballerina (and all other prints) through the month of October by using the coupon code of: wallwhimsy2 at my Etsy shop checkout." 

Ballet Babble: "Do you plan on doing other artwork for little ballerinas in the future?"

Susan: "Yes. I already have sketches in the works. There are so many precious scenes to portray of these little dancers that I can't wait to put them down on paper! "

Ballet Ballet: Is there anything else you would like to add? We really appreciate you sharing your art with us and the discount code too! 

Susan: "Thank you so much! I appreciate your sharing my work with other little ballerina enthusiasts out there! "

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