Sunday, April 6, 2014

Maria Kochetkova Flash Backs

One of my absolute, favorite dancers in the world is Maria Kochetkova! My first encouter with Maria was at Reflections: The Bolshoi Project at Sergerstrom Center for the Arts in 2011. I sent her a message on twitter letting her know I would be there and asked for her autograph. She said to go to the security window and she would leave something for me. So, I did. Maria had left me a signed magazine with a feature on her and it had a sticky note on it with "Robbie". Still have it! OF COURSE! I left her 2 Ballet Freak T-shirts.

I also met Natalia Osipova, Ivan Vasiliev, Polina Semionova, Anastasia Stashkevich, Alexander Volchkov, and Olga Malanovskya! Check out the video below to see pics and autographs and my first arabesque pic (eeek) !!

(Note: I have added signed shoes from Misty Copeland! One pair from Firebird and one from YAGP workshop 2013. And I collect signed shoes from my friend Scout Forsythe ABT Studio Co.)

The next encounter was just after I returned from ABT NYC Summer 2012. I went with my Mom to San Francisco to see a screening of her documentary that was in progress called "Masha; A Portrait of Maria Kochetkova". Adventure! First of all the hotel doorman told us that getting a taxi would not be a problem. So we went and ate dinner and let's just say it was a HUGE problem. The line was 4 people deep at the hotel curb and after 15 minutes no one had moved. I started to panic. My mom said let's go to the corner and get one. ALL full! I could not see one go by that was not full of people. My mom said let's start walking that direction. I think it was about 2 miles away. So we did and kept an eye out for a taxi. No taxis! And the neighborhood was getting worse and worse. My mom finally saw a taxi going the other direction on the other side of the road and it was empty. She about threw herself in front of it and we were on our way.

We got there just in time. But a lot of people were late because there was something going on at the bridge. Maybe a shooting or something. Anyway, Maria was standing at the top of the stairs when we got there. She said "hi" =) !!! And spoke to us for a minute and said she would sign my shoes after. She did and I took a photo with her.


I really like Maria because I know that she competed in Prix de Lausanne with out a coach. She had to train herself basically. She basically took her future into her own hands and made it all happen. She believed in herself more than anybody else did! I love watching Maria dance and she is a huge inspiration for me. I also like her style and love her instagram and twitter. You can follow her @balletrusse.

So, the reason I am doing this flashback is because I sent Maria a couple of things from Maria has posted them on all of her social media accounts!!! So, I was freaking out a little and I thought that was really nice of her =) So, thank you Masha and I hope to see you again soon!! Love, Robbie

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