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ABT NYC Summer Intensive 2015- Week 4 by Robbie Downey

Week Four - Summer Intensive Update

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We had class with Carlos Lopez. He is the ABT Studio Company Ballet Master. We were in the GG-4 studio which is really big and has this super cool brick wall. The downside is the floor is not too great. :( It's basically just Marley on a wood floor. It was also very slippery today. With that said we didn't really do a grand allegro which I like better than petit allegro.

We then had Harriet Clark for pointe. She has so much energy when she teaches and I love it.
After lunch we headed back up to the same studio. We were in it all day. We had jazz class. Okay it wasn't really jazz but it was still pretty fun. I failed at the last combo though! 
After "jazz" we had rep with Gabby Brown. Right now during rep we are basically just cleaning it and making sure we have the musicality correct. For the most part we know the steps. 

Tuesday morning we started out with Pilates/yoga. Our scheduled said yoga but it really isn't yoga. We basically massage out our muscles, stretch a bit, and do some core work. After Pilates we had class with Gemma Bond again and I thought class went well. I enjoy her classes! (For those of you who don't know she has a British accent!) Leslie Browne then taught our pointe class. Honestly it was pretty rough because I was wearing new shoes. Typically new shoes will rub on my bunions and make them sore.  

During lunch the past few days my friend Spencer has been helping me sell my Merde shirts! He sold them so fast! He now has a whole bunch of people who want them. Thanks so much Spencer! ;) You can get them at . We also ship international. ;) There are a few different styles and sweat pants coming soon!!!

For an hour and a half we had character class with Olga Dvorovenko. Some of the younger boys were in our character class this time. Leslie brown then taught us the Dawn Variation from Coppelia. I did this variation over a year ago for a student show so I pretty much already knew it. Some things were different but I like this variation a lot because there is a variety of things mixed into it. Watching this video I feel like I have definitely progressed in the last year!! If you haven't seen my youtube channel it starts at age 10 . You can subscribe here 

For technique class we had Gabby Brown. I love her class because she knows how we feel and what we are going through. She is also very entertaining. We also had pointe with her and she let us start in center. Honestly, I do not like doing pointe at barre.

Gaynor Minden circle before pointe class. 

After lunch we had pas de deux class for and hour and a half with Ethan Brown. Before pas Austen Acevedo and I filmed some whip turns.

When I got home Wednesday I stretched for a bit and used my bunion reformer because my bunions were sore. They usually bother me when I start new pointe shoes. 

Thursday morning it was actually a bit cooler walking to class and I wasn't prepared for it. It was nice though. First we started out with Pilates and then had class with Charles Askegard. His class was challenging because it had quite a bit of fast foot work, but I really like it. 
We then had pointe we Mr. DeVita. Our shoes had all this white powder on them from the studio we had pas in. I think it was something to help make it less sticky.

After lunch we had another ballet technique class with Miss Clark. At first we all had the barres pulled out but she told us to put them away. We basically did all of class in the center. I was happy for that because I prefer center over barre. Our last class of the day was modern. 

Since it was Friday and we could wear colored leotards I wore my newer Yumiko. (The brown and green one in the style Denise). We had class with Kate Lydon and I loved it. She gives such GREAT corrections and I love her as a teacher. We also had her for pointe class. After lunch we had rep with Mrs. Brown and continued cleaning La Sylphide. Our last class of the day was Pilates. 

On Saturday I slept in and then met up with Audrey. We headed to the Yumiko store. On the way there were all these police and people around. Police were setting up blockades. Apparently the president would be going by that street because he was seeing a show. 

Nothing really stood out in the Yumiko store so I might go check back in a couple of weeks. A really, really, great and super nice person sponsors all my Yumikos. Thank you Yumiko Sponsor =))

Audrey and I got some really yummy fro yo from 16 Handles. 

I absolutely love this cat. The kitty lives in a pet store by the dorms. 

On Sunday I took Mr. Ellison's Steps class which was hard! Later in the day I auditioned for his year round program. I thought the audition went well, but it was very crowded. The studio was also not extremely big.

My friend Rosemarie was in the city. She was at Lincoln center so we met up with her after class.

Thanks for reading about week four in the city at ABT. I hope it helps other dancers know what to expect and gives everyone an idea of what we do all summer! 

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I wanted to add this video because I love the photos that Kyle Froman takes and am a big fan of Ezra's videos too. Kyle used to dance with New York City Ballet. Here is the Vanity Fair Article about him with a few photos CLICK HERE . 

I have his book "In the Wings" . You can get it HERE  



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  1. This might be odd.. But how do you manage to keep your pointe shoes so clean? Mine go completely black after a few days