Saturday, July 7, 2012

"It's Possible Dreams Do Come True" Joy Womack Makes History

We have been following Joy's progress at the Bolshoi for a while now. Today we heard major news and we knew it was coming. We knew they would take her and we never doubted it for a minute, well this is ballet so maybe for a minute. Joy Womack will be the first American woman to join the BOLSHOI! THE BOLSHOI! All of her sacrifice and the sacrifices of her family have been rewarded. She left home at 15 to go to Russia to train, no, to get the best training in the world. She didn't know the language and she was the new girl. Ballet training is challenging enough with your family and friends right by your side. It is no small feat what Joy did and she deserves this. It's a real blessing to see a dream unfold and come true right before your eyes.

Joy will be able to dance in a culture where ballerinas are the equivalent of famous football stars in America. She will dance for audiences that know and appreciate ballet in it's truest form. That has got to be a huge driving force for any dancer that has ballet truly in his or her blood. And any serious dancer can relate to her quote in the picture above. Ballerinas are made of blood, sweat, tears and some actually get to dance for a living and dance where they REALLY want to. Joy will do it with the Bolshoi.  We hope you are as inspired by her as we are. What an amazing person. Congratulations Joy!!!


Gina and Robbie

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