Saturday, April 11, 2015

2015 YAGP NYC Finals Day 2

I hope you enjoyed reading the Day 1 Blog! Today is Saturday, which for me is day 2. Yesterday was Pre-Competitive (ages 9-11) Contemporary and Classical. Today was Juniors (ages 12-14) Contemporary and Large Ensembles. Tomorrow is Senior Ladies (ages 15-19) Contemporary. There are three groups of us. I am in group 2, #233, and I am the first dancer out after the break! Not the first time this has happened to me. It is sorted by age youngest to oldest so if you have a birthday late in the year, like mine, you may end up first in your age group. There will be about 100 dancers in my category. Usually about 20 or so make it to the final round but that is not announced until everyone dances their Classical variations on Tuesday. Final round is at David H. Koch Theater on Wednesday evening. Awards and the Gala are on Thursday. 

Okay, so onto day 2! I walked over to ABT studios for rehearsal with my teachers, Sara and Erlends. My mom took some pictures and I will post some ASAP. We had a quick warm up class and then we ran our solo pieces. Brian and Danielle also ran their Pas de Deux. They are two other students that qualified from my studio. Rehearsal went well and I received some corrections that I will keep in mind for tomorrow!

On our way to Skirball to watch Danielle, we stopped for a green drink. I didn't really like it but I am trying to clear up a cold so I drank as much as I could. I sent off a quick snapchat before heading over. You can add me at TheBalletBabble if you have snapchat. 

My hair is pretty red right now. My mom said it matched my pants so she took a picture. I wonder how it will look on stage. We did make it in time to see Danielle and she was amazing! 

I had to leave the YAGP to head over to my Master Class with the Artistic Director of Houston Ballet, Stanton Welch. It was held at Alvin Ailey Studios. Representatives from several companies watched the class and took notes. It seems like that would make you really nervous. But, you just keep going. You can't freak out. This is why we are here... to be seen. One of the perks is running into all of your friends. You never know who you are going to see. 

My mom took this photo of the NYPD. I told her to take it before we got too close because I don't want to seem like a tourist!! 

After the class we tried to head back to YAGP to see Ellison Ballet do their large ensemble piece. After calling my sister and having her check live stream we realized we wouldn't make it in time so we watched it on my phone from the mall in Columbus Circle. Their piece looked great and I loved their energy. Mr. E has some of the best students!!

We grabbed a bite to eat and I marked some of my pieces and corrections in the room. I'm mentally preparing for tomorrow. I am both excited AND nervous. I can't wait to perform my contemporary solo. It is a different piece from the semi-finals in San Diego. It was also choreographed by Barbara Chatelain (former NYCB). She is a good mentor and I am so lucky to have her as a teacher. I'll talk about my costume when I can post photos of it. It was a custom made leotard from Canada. Off to bed. I have rehearsal in the morning before I compete. Merde to everyone who is competing! Love, Robbie

Below are a couple of random photos from today. Follow my Instagram and twitter  @balletbabble and 

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