Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2015 YAGP NYC Finals Day 5

2015 Youth America Grand Prix Finals Day 5 (yesterday/Tue) by Robbie Downey 

This has been such a busy week! But I am loving every minute of it. On Tuesday morning I once again headed to studio rehearsal at the ABT building to warm up and do my final run through of Talisman for the competition today. Yikes! I'm not going to lie it's pretty scary but exciting at the same time. I felt really good about my run throughs but when you perform you always have the nerves to factor in!! And all those people watching... like MAJOR people from MAJOR companies. YAGP does an incredible job of bringing in the best of the best. Such a great opportunity regardless of any placements. I think those are just icing on the cake. 

I decided to take the stairs down from the studio today and sometimes at ABT you never know who you might see in there! We headed to Sephora for some new eyelashes and glue then back to touch up my make-up and grab my costume. I got a little worried about getting to Skirball on time so I was probably walking about 65mph. 

Once we got to the theater we could see that it was the busiest day yet, so crowded! My mom grabbed a seat and my teachers, Sara and Erlends, took me to open stage. I was supposed to be first person out but there was a junior girl that was sick yesterday so she went before me. I can't imagine coming all the way here and getting sick. Poor girl. I am not 100%. I have had a stuffy head and cough for a few weeks but I don't feel like it's effecting my dancing at all. 

I'm happy with my performance. I think when you are done you always think it went by so fast and wish you could do it again. Also, you have no control now! Like it's DONE!! You can't fix or change anything. I watched some of the others in the 3rd group. They were 17 and well... pretty good of course =) I didn't really see any of the 15 and 16 year olds dance. You really can't try to figure out who will get to final round because you just never know and everyone is pretty good. I don't know how they compare Sleeping Beauty to Paquita. I would not want to be in their shoes. And, I think everyone should be happy just for making it here and having access to the scholarship classes. 

After I danced we left the theater to get some food. Just around the corner is a great vegetarian place called Quantum Leap. How do you like my plaid jacket with my Grishko camo shorts? =) I posted some pictures online, ate and headed back to the theater to watch some of the senior boys. Tonight is final round and the party for participants. Today is my scholarship class. 

I had a lot of friends at the competition and Venya came all the way from California to watch me! I am really thankful for all of my supporters and all of the positive comments from everyone. Thank you! 

Here is a stalker pic of some of the judges. I can see Franco De Vita from ABT and the man standing in the black jacket is Sergei Filin, the Artistic Director of the Bolshoi!! By the way my mom is the stalker not me! =) 

There were loads of police in our neighborhood all afternoon!

NYC looking beautiful as always.  This was on my way back from competing. 

Once I got back from Skirball we turned on the livestream to watch the rest of the senior girls and my friend Melissa.  She looks amazing and she actually made it to the final round! Congrats Melissa!  At 8 we met Scout and my other friend Sofia who also lives in NY for dinner.  We ate at Souean.  The food was really good !  Our waiter looked like Shilo Fernandez but with a beard and a long pony tail.  

Scout noticed this tree in the morning and it wasn't bloomed yet.  When we came back home that night is was bloomed!  Spring is coming in NYC and Scout is really excited. 

Day 5 post will be up tonight or tomorrow!

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